The Alternative Seminary
Past Classes

A partial list of some of the courses the Alternative Seminary has offered over the past fifteen years. Some of these courses are recurrent.

  • The Word of God in our World: A Year-Long Study of the Hebrew Bible – This course is offered on a recurrent basis
  • The Way of Jesus For Our World Today: A Year-Long Study of the New Testament– This course is offered on a recurrent basis
  • The Economy of God: Biblical Economics and Our World
  • The Gospel of Mark: The Radical Way of Jesus
  • The Gospel of Luke: The Reign of God and the Empire of Caesar
  • Jesus and Empire
  • Building Community Between Justice-Seeking Christians: Bridging Race and Class Gaps
  • Christianity, Colonization, and Deconstructing White Supremacy
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: Liberation Prophet
  • Jesus For President
  • Healing the World, Healing Ourselves: Personal Peace Practices
  • Proclaim Jubilee! A Jewish-Christian Study of Biblical Economic Values
  • Reading the Bible into the Lives of Sexual Minorities
  • Women and Scripture
  • Casting Out Demons: Applying Biblical Exorcism Stories to Modern Society
  • The Isaian Vision and Urban Ministry
  • Liberation from Consumerism
  • Biblical Forgiveness and the U.S. Criminal Justice System
  • Liberation Theology in the U.S. Context

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